Take the “T” train

From the deluge thats called today’s news let us dwell upon the fact that the big T made it. The republican party announced all heavy-hearted and sad that Donald Trump is the official nominee for the U.S 2016 presidential elections.


But what seems to shock me every time i think about this particular person is that he is actually selected by the people. Not all the people, but a particular brand. They do call themselfs republicans but they are neither republicans neither political beings. I would say that this man has a talent for gathering people with no distinct political beliefs, only a shared need of hiding themselfs behing a great big wall in the arms of their legally purchased guns.

In the same time where America’s honorable police does its best to diminish the african american population that seems to outnumber the fair colored patriots.Nevertheless the republicans have another problem as well, their people are getting too old and the new generations do not hold on high esteem the aging Reagan worshipers.

So the question in everybody’s lips is the following: will miss Hillary Clinton take the win for the Democrats. With Bernie’s Sanders support she might have a chance. One thing’s for certain though, the upcoming elections are crucial for the future of the U.S but most importanly for the future of the rest of the world.

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