Sun and beaches as a non-destination


Greece during the hot months of summer is considered a big attraction mostly due to her seemingly unlimited resources of sun and beaches. You can see people from all over the world squashed into small and larger beaches and afterwards strolling around blissfully all red and sunburned. What you don’t see however are chinese and japanese participating in this sort of attraction.

You can see hordes of them walking around the streets, taking photos, but never on a beach enjoying the sun or sea. Could chinese and japanese tourists be the only ones who do not visit Greece for her sun and beaches? Has anyone ever wondered what they do when they finish their tour in archeological sites? Do they just return home? Does their stong will defeats touristic cliches?

You don’t have to search long to find out their obsession with white and light-colored skin as a beauty sign. At this parts of the world, being a bit brown makes you a peasant. Yes, thats right, no matter their advanced technological skills as far as social evolvement goes they do seem a bit ill-advanced.

I wonder though if that is not a path that the progressive west is about to take. We too think that being darker with beard and dark hair makes you a lesser being, one that is likely to harm us.

In China standing out never was a good thing, but they never hid from their convinction. Here, in the civilised west, we tend to hide our disgrace behind an invisible cloak of progressivity.

Do we hide our disgrace in order to become a big happy touristic resort?


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