How “cold war” clichés are revitalized 2 months before elections.

How to win the elections part 1 and 2 and 3:

Revitalize the “red threat” and call it “hacking suspicions”. Sure, America’s wannabe president must look strong towards the all-time evil that answers to the name Russia, but i can’t look the other way when it is beeing used  2 months before elections.

Trump is fierce with China we’ll be fierce with Russia. That must be the general idea for the democratic party, but isn’t it a bit obvious? Russian hackers could have this kind of power, but you shouldn’t comment so strongly on allegations without proof.  In the last meters of the race i think it best not to fall into these clichés.

It is not so far reached to assume that during the candidacy race miss Clinton was a bit stirred up by the Sanders wave and  by putting the blame at big old Russia she is naively giving credit to rumors.



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