Putin knows no loss


Sunday was the day of general elections n Russia. With almost 95% of votes already counted its more than a safe assumption to say that United Russia, the party ruled by president Vladimir Putin and prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, has won the elections.

The final figure is expected to exceed 50% of total votes, a number that only strengthens the prestige of the ruling party which back in 2011 won 49% of russian votes.

What strikes me as odd however is the international media coverage of the elections result, which is actually close to nothing. International press seems unwilling to accept the fact that Putin has prouven once again that he has the general approval of his people. Nothing on the first page of Reuters, a small headline in the guardian. Except from the scare and worry caused by small pipe bombs found in N.Y and N.J,  americans and british seem more taken by the EMY awards than by the results of russian elections.

Something tells me though that when the final results are in, mr. Putin will shout it from the rooftops while giving to international political scene a cold shiver.

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