Syria: Pretty village pretty flame


This monday, the 19th, 20 people where killed in Syria close to Alep while driving a UN aid convoy. Regrettably, it was not the bombing innocents that shocked the international opinion, but where did those bombs came from.

“Pretty village pretty flame” is a serbian old movie that satyrizes the absurdity of war in a way that makes me think more and more of the situation in Syria. The UN coalition is yet to determine who bombed the aid convoy and while all fingers point to Russia-and maybe Russia really was the one-  i can’t help thinking that no one knows what he is doing down there. The USA is preparing for elections so they prioratize accordingly, France seems at a constant loss and everybody plays chicken.

Russia doesn’t play along with US and the rest of the gang and that makes them mad. “Just when we think it cannot get any worse, the power of depravity sinks lower.”  Ban Kin Moon, the Un secretary, told at the UN General Assembly annual meeting on Tuesday.

Well, you think? Not knowing who killed the humanitarian aid actually does qualify as a huge mess up. However, mess up once shame on you mess up twice shame on me; dear UN leaders, a little aknowledgement never hurted anybody. And how many times have you actually messed up? We’ve lost counting, as we’ve lost counting of the dead bodies that those policies have produced.

“Lepa Sela Lepo Gore”, there is nothing left to burn though.

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