What happened this week that you may or may not have missed.

Sunday is said to be a day of rest and reflection. So, if one was to reflect upon the events this past week what should he or she know.


An incindent occurred in Moria, the refugee hotspot in the greek island of Lesvos, a 25 year old male from Marocco was robbed and then raped by 3 other “temporary residents” of the same camp. This makes it the second incident in two weeks, the first being a 15-year old teenage boy from Pakistan. And while the word “incident” is far from appropriate to describe what is happening inside the numerous “hotspots” in Greece, the greek authorities and the international media seem to have develop a strange attachement to it. The same with the word “allegedly” as well, as if nothing distressful could ever happen now that the deal with Turkey is in place.

In the same week, the Obama administration crossed in the dark side by saying that Russia was the one responsable behind the cyber attacks on the Democratic Party. A few weeks back the democratic party had a leak of data and several allegations have been made around the responsable. Well, not exactly several, Russia has always been the wolf in “the boy who cried wolf” story, but the Obama administration only now made a direct statement about Russias’s involvement. Could this foreshadow a more aggressive approach for the future?

The “Hurricane Matthew” who since the 28th of September has been spreading disaster and death in south-eastern US, comes to confirm what i had long feared to be true: Natural disasters DO have a thing for undeserving poor nations. Haiti has once again been shattered into pieces. After Haiti and Bahamas, Florida and Carolina were hit. Until now, the death toll has climbed up to 500.

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