The known and the unknown stories of this week’s news.

Because nothing is true until media say so…


So, Turkey. President Erdogan really goes the extra mile lately to establish his presidency as a “light dictatorship”. How you may ask? That happens when you dismiss all warnings from the international political community to stop prosecuting everyone in Turkey that dares to defy you. This week Erdogan ordered the detention of the co-leaders of the pro-Kurdish opposition party in parliament, People’s Democratic Party, mostly known as HDP. Along with the politicians elected by popular vote, he then continued with the detention of lawmakers under the suspicion of “treason”. Next were the journalists of one of the oldest newspapers in Turkey Cumhuriyet, in an attempt to silence what may be the last critical voice left amongst journalists in Turkey.

India and Pakistan. The relations of the two countries have been deteriorating these past months around Kashmir, the border-region, which separates the Indian controlled Kashmir from Pakistan controlled Kashmir. In November alone there’ve been 14 civilian deaths, related to cross-border shelling between the two ends. This week Pakistan accused 8 Indian embassy officials of spying, in an act that might be considered as retaliation after India accused 6 Pakistani diplomats of spying, forcing as a result Islamabad to withdraw  them form their positions. Things are getting “hot and heavy” and the coverage led by the local media doesn’t help to release tension, in the contrary,  tv channels in both sides are dangerously belligerent.

Hong Kong. Last week China interrupted and then prevented two recently elected pro-independence lawmakers in Hong Kong from taking office. During the swearing-in ceremonies in the city’s legislative council, the two lawmakers misread their oaths as a sign of protest to Chinas efforts to limit the independency of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an autonomous territory and judicial independence is on of its most precious elements. By intervening China sets a very bad precedent for the future dealings with Hong Kong. As result, massive protests broke in the streets of the city denouncing the intervention of the Beijing administration.

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