What in the World?


Despite the fact that no one believed it to be true, the world is a different place out of this morning. Trump is the new president of the United States.

The reactions around the world in a administrative level were pretty much anticipated, with most of the world leaders congratulating Trump and saying that their bond with US remains strong. The presidents of China, Philippines, Russia and even Egypt have expressed their congrats, but lets be honest even they didn’t expect that. Europe is still in shock but will have to acknowledge it sooner or later.

However, i wonder. Am i the only one who thinks that not even Trump looks that happy with the result? Maybe it is wishful thinking, maybe not. I still find it difficult to believe how stupid a nation can be and i cannot but fear for the internal frictions that we will soon witness inside the american society.

We can’t expect that everyone will play along. There are many people who wouldn’t or couldn’t  vote yesterday and that was reflected widely in the results. People who’ve lost the right to vote because of felony laws, or weren’t given the right to vote in the first place. Most of them are minorities and people of color who were denied the right to vote.

Late polling showed that democrats, not republicans are most likely to abstain from voting. So, to those of you “democrats” who just wouldn’t vote i have to say thanks, you are all accomplices!


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