Here’s what happened over the past week.


Russia is grown tired of the allegations that place her as a key role player at ” the american election hacking conspiracy”. I say conspiracy since nothing seems to pinpoint an actual involvement. I don’t think that many doubt that Kremlin hasn’t left things to complete chance however, the U.S administration should try to find another story to take people’s mind of the coming inauguration of Donald Trump. Hasty allegations towards a country that plays games in many different fields for the moment -including Syria for instance- does seem a bit desperate.

Iran mourns the death of its ex President Hashemi Rafsanjani. He dies at the age of 82 and leaves behind him a rather complex political scene. He was known as one of the most pragmatic politicians in Iran and he had very strong ties with the current President Hassan Rouhani. His death means a great loss for president Hassan Rouhani as he runs for re-election this May without Rafsanjani’s conservative allies.

Talks between Cyprus and Turkey continue with the possibility of the reunification of Cyprus in one of the many attempts to change the status of the island-holds both the Republic of Cyprus and the self-declared Turkish republic of northern Cyprus- that has been maintained against international law for 43 years. In the 1974 Turkey invade Cyprus in the pretext of a peacekeeping operation with the implicit approval of England and the USA who wanted to shield Cyprus from a Soviet influence.  Greece witnessed the hostile invasion unable to react or even help under the shock of internal changes and the downfall of its own dictatorship. Finaly in order to escape the conflict between Greece and Turkey, the United Nation ordered a Ceasefire agreement that was seen form Turkey as an opportunity to further their control in the island.


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