This week: tales of fascism.


Today is the day to tell tales of murder and fascism. The first takes place in Missouri US and the second in Athens Greece.

Missouri, US. Frank Ancona, one of the Ku klux clan leaders, was found dead on a riverband  come Saturday morning. This “ray of sunshine” may not have been the biggest fish in the KKK sea of racism and hatred, but he definately was a flashy one. With a vivid social media presence and public declarations about the white race that could make one’s hair curl from disgust, he will definately be remembered as a rather hatefull leader. He served the KKK for 30 years and in 2009 he created the group “Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK”. During that time he developed the  delusional need to be called the “Imperial Wizard” among his devotees.  His wife and step-son are charged with his murder as his death was the result of disputes amongst the family.

Greece. This morning, 14/02/2017, the Court of Appeal in Athens was forced to adjourn the hearing process of a murder case, when members of the neonazi greek party, Golden Dawn, raided the court house after having verbaly abused the mother of the victime. Back in 2013 a known antifa raper, Paulos Fyssas, was murdered by a member of the neo nazi greek party. Following the murder, manifestations broke all over Greece and many antifa organisations accused the police of favourtism towards the members of the fascist party. During  the court incident, police officers stood idly by and allowed the entry to members of the Golden Dawn party who next abused the other side while proceeding to a total mockery of the procedure. The way in which the greek police continues to deal with these situations only confirms the much repeated accuse that police officers have a soft spot for well-known fascists but little tolerance for antifascists.


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