Not just a women’s day!

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Not just another women’s day! Today we do not take roses and thank the thoughfulness of those who believe we celebrate! No, today we honour! Today, we honour the female factory workers in New York, who in 1857 demanded better work conditions and equal pay. A manifestation that was disolved violently by police forces, marking the beginning of many stuggles to come for the women’s movement.

Today we honour the women that back in 1908, in Chicago U.S, demanded the respect of the 8-hour work day. A demand that was met with mockery and hatred by their bosses who insteed burned down the factory, leaving behind 120 dead!

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Today we honour, the women who in 1917 in Saint Petersburg participated in a strike for “Bread and Peace”, initiating the February Revolution in Russia.

The 8th March is honoured since then every year, going through a significant revitalisation during the 60’s, this date became a landmark for women struggles all over the world. The year is now 2017, and women’s rights have yet a long way to go, hence it is important for everyone to understand that there is no such thing as “entitlement” as far as women’s rights are concerned, only fights and struggle!

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