“It ain’t over till it’s over”


France held the first round of elections this sunday, the 23th of april. Macron and Le Pen are now the two front runners for France’s presidency. French have to decide between: a) the moderate and very european friendly candidate form the “En Marche” party M.Macron and b) the extreme far right, fascist born and raised and utterly unstable, M.Le Pen, who until this Monday was the party leader of “Front National”, but since then declared her independency claiming that she is just a candidate and not the front runner for the “So you think you can outfrench me?” national show. It goes without saying off course that her “ex” party will continue supporting her. In a move that is cunning as it is shocking, Le Pen tries to double her hand by playing the “independent” card. By distancing her self from the extremists in her party and pledging her allegiance to Europe – a Europe that she has repeatedly denounced-  she hopes to appeal to  the  anti-status quo frenzy that seems to has taken over of late, the electoral world in Europe and the US. Even though the polls show a comfortable lead for Macron nothing is settled, and to quote the wise words of Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over till it’s over”.

In other news around the world: Trump is playing cat and mouse with North Korea and tries to use N.Koreas military exercises as a possible “threat for the US”. China trembles and South Korea holds her breath until the elections on may 9th.


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