English elections: another one bites the *

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English elections. What a day that is. Theresa May has failed in her efforts to strengthen her government and by extend her hand for the table of negotiations with the EU. The Tory party lost 12 seats, the Labour party gained 31, the SNP(Scottish National Party) lost 19 seats; while the Lib Dems gained 3 whole seats.

Once again the predictions fell into the cold deep nothingness that is the English political landscape of the past months. People are still shaken up from the attacks that terrified the UK over the past month and the election results are profoundly linked to that. Another political system, another “status quo” bites the dust as citizens show their distrust in the most obvious way possible, “No majority for you dear party leaders”.

And yes, the immediate ramifications will first reach the hungry European community. The EU leaders, who always forget but never forgive, shall drag all around the battlefield the tired remains of what once was Hector, or in our case, Theresa, and with the cruelty that fits their needs they shall devour her.

Corbyn and the Labour party have come out stronger, he is ready now to say to those who defied him to take a hard look at themselves because they need him and they need him bad, given they want to avoid another hasty election. My guess is, that in the name of British unity they may find a way to form a coalition, but, those are indeed weird and dangerous times, no one can really predict what will happen.

What I can predict though is that the US is not paying that much attention to the UK at the moment. The US administration has succeeded some how to get in some real trouble with the former FBI chief, Comey. Trump has apparently interfered with the justice system. Some call it even obstruction.

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