About Virginia, US.

A group of counter-protesters rally against members of white nationalists in Charlottesville VirginiaCharlottesville Virginia is on fire, no Charlottesville is in a haze of fire and fury and most understandably I may add. A young woman is killed and 19 are left injured after a 20-year old white supremacist nazi admirer drove into a crowd that was gathered in counter-protest for the KKK and white nationalist rally, “Unite the Right”, that was supposed to take place this  Saturday in the Virginia College.

With the community’s memory still fresh after the murder of Nabra Hassanen, the 17-year old student from North Virginia who was murdered this June, the white supremacy club of idiots adds yet another cut on its belt. The “gangsta-inspired” practice of riding a car and start spreading terror seems to be especially popular within the KKK and white power admirers community, in the course of this year they have been more and more active harassing both verbally and physically people on the street without even getting out of their vehicle.

The streets of Charlottesville today bring in mind old civil memories of red battlefields and as always the battle lies between those who respect human life and try to fight against all discrimination and those whose only dream in life is to one day wear a white pointy bed-sheet with holes in it and then re-establish slavery. The US President D. Trump barely addresed the attack without actually blaming the white supremacy club, a move that in a way is feeding their twisted illusion that they are entitled to kill everyone that looks and thinks differently.

Violent clashes between the two sides continue to this day.





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