Afrin’s burning and Erdogan laughs


The emperor stroke back! President Erdogan carries on with his moronically named ‘Olive Branch’ operations in Kurdish-held Afrin and the rest world leaders have turned into ‘silent mode’ on the matter. Russia-with huge interests in the region and with a growing presence in Syria- has decided to sit that one out and the USA is ‘urging for caution’ and ‘de-escalation’ but does nothing to prevent what’s happening.

I suppose no one was surprised by America’s call for Turkey to back down, in all appearances Kurd are their allies, their human shields in a war so far from them and so close to their interests regarding territorial control of a region with high geopolitical importance. The border between Turkey and Syria is kind of the golden grail of strategic territories and it’s no surprise that Turkey want’s it badly.

In the meantime, Erdogan claims victories against the big bad wolf, the PKK militants, those who fight jihad extremists in the place of all those nations who support the same fight by remote control and keep on sending fighter bombs and drones but haven’t invested their precious human capital. The ‘Emperor Erdogan’ despite the lukewarm outrage of world leaders says that after Afrin, Idlib is next, adding another piece in a long string of independent areas held by Kurdish and which Turkey labelled terrorist and started bombing.

And again: pretty village pretty flame.

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