A few news from the world.


So, the doomsday clock moved 30 seconds – from 3 to 2 1/2 minutes- closer to midnight! The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist believe that recent comments made by someone whose name i shall not mention -but he does have orange hair- about nuclear weapons and how they are not that bad to have around, forced them to move the apocalyptic clock 30 seconds closer to the end! The closest yet was back in 1953 when the US tested its first hydorgen bomb and the clock moved to 2 minutes before midnight! For those of you who have been leaving in cave, midnight is supossed to be the end of civilization.

Afganistan is once again under taliban’s attack. Indeed Talibans, the extreme militants have been “somewhat” revitalized and currently delivering bomb attacks. Back in 2014, the US anounced that the taliban threat was no longer dangerous for Afganistan.  What went wrong?  Numerous factors contributed to their resurgence such as the renforcement of their ranks by Uzbek, Paistani and Arab militants in June 2014. Come 2016, Talibans saw an opening, with the diversion of west attention towards Syria, Afganistan was an easier target. According to AlJazeera, talibans are at the gates of Helmand, a commercial center of Afganistan in the south-west border of the country.

After the failed coup d’etat in Turkey, 8 turkish soldiers who where suspected of being involved with the conspirators, landed in greek territory. Erdogan wanted them back to Turkey in order to trial them for treason, hence, he requested their extradition. However, the 8 had already asked for asylum in Greece and according to due process their demand is to be respected. After continuous proceedings the extradition case went to the greek Supreme Court which rejected the extradition request for them 8. The decision was based on the premise that their life would be in danger if they were sent back to Turkey. As anticipated, Erdogan boils with rage and has already demanded a second extradition.