What you might or might not have heard on this week’s news.

Old news, new news.


An argument at a Los Angeles party this Saturday turned into a gunfire attack, leaving 3 dead and dozens wounded. This incident raises the toll up to 303 related to mass shooting deaths in 2016 only. With the rules on gun control looser than ever, US might has just lost the opportunity to change gun control rules under the last administration who gave a damn.

The Venezuela-Colombia border is open for business. Venezuela this summer agreed to open its border in order to allow to the people to go and buy basic goods like rice, flour and toilet paper. Prices on basic products have skyrocketed this year after continuous social instability and a growing dismay to the economy tactics followed by president Maduro. The “wild border” is a small area at the town of Puerto Santander in Colombia. There, the border-control is close to none and business owners from Colombia use their cars to move their merchandise closer to Venezuela borders, thus providing a big service to the people of venezuela and an even bigger one to their back pockets.

Last but not least. This Thursday King Bhumibol, the king of Thailand, died. For those of you who didn’t know that Thailand had a king, you should learn that not only Thailand did have a king, but also that he was largely loved by his people. At his birthday Thailand were dressed in yellow, at his death black has taken over the whole country. Thailand’s military junta has declared an one-year grieving period. Another fun-thailand related- fact is that a “military junta” has been in power since may 2014, and as we all know, military and royalty walk hand in hand even in the least expected of all places.